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RTO Office Rajasthan

Address : Parivahan Bhawan, Sahakar Marg, Jaipur – 302001 (Raj.)

Contact Number: 0141-5194653

Phone Number:   0141-2850619

Customer Care No: 0141-5194653

Telephone Number: 0141- 2709972

Helpline Number:  0141-5194653

Email Id:   addl.it.tdr@rajasthan.gov.in

Date: Monday to Friday

Appointment Time: 10.00 A.m to 5.00 P.m

Website: http://www.transport.rajasthan.gov.in/



Our Important Tropic

RTO Customer Care RTO Helpline No
Road Tax Payment Driving Licence
RTO Complain No RTO Contact No
Road Tax Complain Road Tax
Driving Licence Payment RTO Office No



नाम: आरटीओ कार्यालय राजस्थान

पता: परिवहन भवन, सहकार मार्ग, जयपुर – 302001 (राज।)

संपर्क नंबर: 0141-5194653

फोन नंबर: 0141-2850619

कस्टमर केयर : 0141-5194653

टेलीफोन नंबर: 0141- 2709972

हेल्पलाइन नंबर: 0141-5194653

ईमेल पता: addl.it.tdr@rajasthan.gov.in

वेबसाइट: http://www.transport.rajasthan.gov.in/



Parivahan Contact Number

Technical Problems Contact Number Email Address Timings
Vehicle registration, fitness, Tax, Permit, Fancy, Dealer etc 91-120-2459168 helpdesk-vahan@gov.in 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Learner License, Driving Licence etc 91-120-2459169 helpdesk-sarathi@gov.in 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
mParivahan Related 91-120-2459171 helpdesk-mparivahan@gov.in 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
eChallan Related 91-120-2459171 helpdesk-echallan@gov.in 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM




District.  Designation STD Code Contact Number
AJMER R.T.O 145 2787046 / 47 /48
ALWAR A.R.T.O 144 2731382 / 35
BANSWARA D.T.O. 02962 224141
BALOTRA D.T.O.   94146-34099
BARAN D.T.O. 07453 230105
BARMER D.T.O. 02982 220615
BEAWAR D.T.O 01462 225841
BHARATPUR R.T.O. 01462 260199
BHILWARA D.T.O. 01482 260444
BIKANER R.T.O. 0151 2970048
BUNDI D.T.O. 0747 2443420
BHINMAL D.T.O   9929738254
BHIWARI D.T.O.   96025-45544
CHITTORGARH R.T.O. 01472 241292 / 223904 / 248598  
CHURU D.T.O 01562 250950
DAUSA R.T.O 01427 223225 / 223904
DEEDWANA D.T.O. 01580 222131
DHOLPUR D.T.O 05642 224577
DUDU D.T.O.   99500-94872
DUNGARPUR D.T.O 02964 290010
GANGANAGAR D.T.O 0154 2463432
HANUMANGARH D.T.O 01552 262202
JAIPUR R.T.O 0141 2709972 / 2708318
JAISALMER D.T.O. 02992 252519
JALORE D.T.O. 02973 222398
JHALAWAR D.T.O. 07432 232307
JHUNJHUNU D.T.O. 01592 250460
JODHPUR R.T.O 0291 2544191 / 2540226
KAUROLI D.T.O 07464 251020
KHETRI D.T.O   94140-80789
KISHANGARH D.T.O   98837-22270
KOTA RTO 0744 2363316
KOTPUTLI D.T.O 01421 249256
NAGAUR D..T.O 01582 240540
NOHAR D.T.O 01555 227110
NOKHA D.T.O   94607-90715
PALI R.T.O 02932 257445
PHALODI D.T.O   94141-96399
PRATAP GARH D.T.O 01478 220699
R. MANDI D.T.O 07459 222424
RAJSAMAND D.T.O. 02952 220652
RATANPUR D.T.O.   99287-05800
SHAHPURA JAIPUR D.T.O.   86969-41988
S.MADHOPUR D.T.O 07462 220274
SHAJAHANPUR D.T.O 01494 235246
SIKAR R.T.O 01572 248546 / 249353 / 248545
SUJANGARH D.T.O.   89520-21643
TONK D.T.O. 01432 247588
UDAIPUR R.T.O. 0294 2471522 / 2471521



Details of  RTO Office in Rajasthangiven below :

List RTO Officee District e-Mail ID
Ajmer RTO Officee  Ajmer rto.ajmer.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Alwar RTO Officee  Alwar rto.alwar.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Bharatpur RTO Office  Bharatpur rto.bharatpur.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Bikaner RTO Office  Bikaner rto.bikaner.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Chittorgarh RTO Office  Chittorgarh rto.chittorgarh.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Dausa RTO Office  Dausa rto.dausa.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Jaipur RTO Office  Jaipur rto.jaipur.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Jodhpur RTO Office  Jodhpur rto.jodhpur.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Kota RTO Office  Kota rto.kota.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Pali RTO Office  Pali rto.pali.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Sikar RTO Office  Sikar rto.sikar.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Udaipur RTO Office  Udaipur rto.udaipur.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Jaipur RTO Office Jagatpura artojaipur.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Vidhyadhar Nagar RTO Office Vidhyadhar Nagar transport.rtojprn@rajasthan.gov.in
Aburoad RTO Office Aburoad dto.aburoad.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Balotra RTO Office Balotra dto.balotra.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Banswara RTO Office Banswara dto.banswara.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Baran RTO Office Baran dto.baran.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Barmer RTO Office Barmer dto.barmer.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Beawar RTO Office Beawar dto.beawar.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Bharatpur RTO Office Bharatpur dto.bharatpur.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Bhilwara RTO Office Bhilwara dto.bhilwara.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Bhinmal RTO Office Bhinmal dto.bhinmal.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Bhiwadi RTO Office Bhiwadi dto.bhiwadi.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Bundi RTO Office Bundi dto.bundi.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Chomu RTO Office Chomu dto.chomu.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Churu RTO Office Churu dto.churu.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Dholpur RTO Office Dholpur dto.dholpur.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Didwana RTO Office Didwana dto.didwana.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Dudu RTO Office Dudu dto.dudu.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Dungarpur  RTO Office Dungarpur dto.dungarpur.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Ganganagar RTO Office Ganganagar dto.ganganagar.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Hanumangarh RTO Office Hanumangarh dto.hanumangarh.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Jaisalmer RTO Office Jaisalmer dto.jaisalmer.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Jalore  RTO Office Jalore dto.jalore.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Jhalawar RTO Office Jhalawar dto.jhalawar.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Jhunjhunu RTO Office Jhunjhunu dto.jhunjhunu.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Karoli RTO Office Karoli dto.karoli.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Kekri RTO Office Kekri dto.kekri.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Kishangarh RTO Office Kishangarh dto.kishangarh.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Kotputli RTO Office Kotputli dto.kotputli.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Nagaur RTO Office Nagaur dto.nagaur.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Nohar RTO Office Nohar dto.nohar.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Nokha  RTO Office Nokha dto.nokha.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Pratapgarh RTO Office Pratapgarh dto.partapgarh.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Phalodi RTO Office Phalodi dto.phalodi.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Rajsamand RTO Office Rajsamand dto.rajsamand.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Ramganjmandi RTO Office Ramganjmandi dto.ramganjmandi.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Ratanpur RTO Office Ratanpur dto.ratanpur.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Sawai Madhopur RTO Office Sawai Madhopur dto.sawaimadhopur.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Shahjahanpur  RTO Office Shahjahanpur dto.shahjahanpur.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Shahpura Bhilwara RTO Office Shahpura (Bhilwara) dto.shahpurab.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Shahpura Jaipur RTO Office Shahpura (Jaipur) dto.shahpuraj.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Sirohi RTO Office Sirohi dto.sirohi.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Sujangarh RTO Office Sujangarh dto.sujangarh.tport@rajasthan.gov.in
Tonk RTO Office Tonk dto.tonk.tport@rajasthan.gov.in



RTO Office in Rajasthan

RTO Office in Rajasthan



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