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I am Mr. Sarkar, I have full experience with About Us an Account and Tax advisor for the past twelve years in–Howrah, West Bengal, India. This website has been started keeping in mind to deliver all the financial information of the client or other customers of all age groups.

Account and Tax are part of a financial or group of subjects related to account and tax which are dealing with the account, audit, income tax, goods and service tax (GST), TDS, TCS, and other financial subjects.

It is the most interesting subject for a financial concept. My customers or clients will find this website to use all financial matters. Here we have solved and explained each and every financial problem. Every topic provides the highest amount of full knowledge as demanded. Basic concepts have been described through attractive examples and along with that many exercises on practice are added separately for all types of clients or customers to improve your knowledge.

I have received and delivered a number of suggestions; valuable information other helps from my teams to improve the latest financial subject. I hope that this website will be more useful to my client or other customers of various financial matters. I am also thankful to the reader of my website.



My Contact Details:
M/s. Tax Darpan ( Consultant)
Bally, Howrah, Kolkata,
West Bengal,
WhatsApp No: 09432815988 ( WhatsApp Only)
Email: taxdarpan@gmail.com
Website: taxdarpan.com