Mobile Hsn Code–  Mobile Phones, Charger, Earphone, Batteries, Power Bank



Information About Mobile Hsn Code Of  Mobile Phones Charger Earphone Lithium-ion Batteries Power Bank Memory Card USB Cable Speakers Headphones Plastic Screen Protector Tempered Glass Screen Protector


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Mobile Hsn List

HSN Code Description GST Rate
8517 Mobile Phones 18%
8504 Charger 18%
8518 Earphone 18%
8506 Lithium-ion Batteries   18%
8504 Power Bank 18%
8523 Memory Card 18%
8504 USB Cable 28%
8518 Speakers 18%
8518 Headphones 18%
3919 Plastic Screen Protector   18%
3923 Tempered Glass Screen Protector  18%



Mobile Hsn Code

Mobile Hsn



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