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Whenever the goods or services of the supplier are buying and sale, an Invoice Meaning of sale must create. As per current GST rules and GST acts.

This type of invoice is terns and conditions as a GST Invoice. The seller must create GST Invoice and sending a GST Invoice to the buyer which was affected across India on 1st July 2017.


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Invoice Meaning

Invoice Meaning



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What are the mandatory fields needs a Invoice Meaning? 

A tax Invoice Meaning normally processes to apply the tax on the input tax credit an Invoice for Gst must have the following mandatory fields- 



1. Bill number and date

2. Customer names / named

3. Full Billing addresses / addressed

4. Customer and taxpayer’s GSTIN number

5. Place of supply

6. HSN Codes / SAC codes / Accounting Code

7. Item details description,

8. Quantity of Goods Supplier,

9. Unit of Goods

10. Total  Goods Rate 

11. The Gross value of Goods

12. Total Taxable values / valued and discounts

13. Rate of  Tax (CGST/ SGST/ IGST)

14. Signature of the supplier.



The minimum amount issue in a GST Bill

A Invoice Meaning can not issue when the bill value of the goods or services of a buyer is less than Rs 200 if –

  • the goods or services of a buyer is unregistered and
  • the goods or services of a buyer does not need any invoice, in case if the goods or services of a buyer demands the invoice, must issue.



What are other types of invoices?


GST Invoice or Bill of Purchaser or  Supplier  

The Invoice Meaning of Purchaser or Supplier is similar to a GST Invoice as following conditions that bill of purchaser or supplier does not contain any tax amount as the seller cannot charge any  GST amount to the Purchaser or Supplier.

  • GST goods/services are selling to Register Persons,
  • Also, Composition scheme has applicable for Register Persons



Types of GST Compliance GST Invoice 

Providing on the nature of the supply or services you can define 3 types of  GST Bill:

  1. State Bill
  2. Inter-State Bill
  3. Export Bill



Copies of the GST Invoice Proforma need

You can find the Invoice Meaning Copies;  

Supply of Goods Supply of Services
Original Invoice: The original Bill provides to the buyer, and is remarked as ‘Original for buyer’.

Original Bill: The original Bill is provided to the buyer and is remarked as ‘Original for buyer’.

Duplicate copy: The duplicate copy is provided to the transporter, and is remarked as ‘Duplicate Copy. This is not issuing if the buyer has received a bill reference number. The Bill reference number is given to a buyer when he uploads a tax bill is provided by him in the GSTR-1 for GST filing. This GST Bill  is valid for 30 days from the date of upload of bill.


Duplicate copy: The duplicate copy is provided to the transporter, and is remarked as ‘Duplicate Copy.

Triplicate copy: This copy is kept by the buyer, and is marked as ‘Triplicate Copy’.  



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Filing GST Bill  on GST Portal

The GST Invoice a serial number of all invoices issued during a tax period of every month should be filed in FORM GSTR-1. Also, GSTIN of all recipients registered under GST must be mentioned on GSTR-3B and also filing on GSTR-1 for every bill filing to B2B transactions with party name, bill no, bill date, rate of GST, gross amount, total bill amount.

In the case of recipients, unregistered persons under GST bill filing to  B2C others transactions, name, address, and place of supply should be mentioned for high-value transactions.  And all Gst bill of register person show in Gst Portal GSTR -2A 



Supplementary Sale Bill / Debit Note

Whenever the party is any types of correction in prices of a total good or total service supplied earlier and the same was priceable to GST portal, then the supplier is liable to issue a supplementary bill to the buyer.

The said supplementary bill must issue within 30 days from the date of such total price revision. Also, it is mention in the filing of monthly return GSTR-1 portal.



Supplementary Purchase Bill / Credit Note

Just like the debit note where there is an update revision in the total price, credit note has to be provided when there is an update revision of total price. GST should have filed in the previous transaction. The credit note must provide on or before 30th September of the next financial year or before total filing the annual return of GST, whichever is advance.

The GST Invoice of these documents is the same as earlier the total invoice. The only most difference is that the nature of the total bill must mention in more spacially on top of the bill. 



Time Limit for providing Invoice Meaning

Under the GST rules, there are specified time periods during which GST Bill must be necessarily provided. The following are the GST bill proving time limits that one needs in mind:

  • In the case of goods supplied, you need to provide GST Bill on before the date of goods removal/ goods delivery.
  • In case of services issue, you need to issue GST Invoice within 30 days of issuing the service.
  • If services have issued by banks and NBFCs, they are required to provide a valid under GST Bill within 45 days of issuing the service.



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