Indian Embassy In Kuwait


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Indian Embassy In Kuwait

Address: Diplomatic Enclave, Arabian Gulf Street, P.O. Box 1450, Safat-13015, Kuwait

Contact Number: (00-965) 65806158 | Telephone Phone:  (00-965) 65806735

Helpline No: (00-965) 65807695 | Customer Care: (00-965) 65808923

Other Contact No : (00-965) 65809348 | Emergency No : (00-965) 22519532

Email Id: | Website:


Indian Embassy In Kuwait

Name Address Email Address Website
Embassy of India, Kuwait – Kuwait City Diplomatic Enclave, Arabian Gulf Street, P.O. Box No. 1450, Safat-13015, Kuwait cons1.kuwait


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Embassy In Kuwait Contact Details:

Designation E-MAIL  
First Secretary  
(Political & Commerce)  
First Secretary  
(Culture, Consular, & Education)    
First Secretary  
(Press, Information & Investment) &  HOC  
First Secretary  
(Community Welfare & Labour)  
First Secretary (For Death and Compensation Cases)  
(Community Affairs  
& Associations) (For Community and Associations Related issues)  
Defence Attache  
(Resident in Riyadh)    
Second Secretary (Consular)  
(For Other services(excluding Visa & OCI)  
(for Visa and OCI Services only)  
Second Secretary  
(Political and Commerce)  
Attaché (PS) to Ambassador  
Attaché (PS) and Attaché (Library)  
Attaché (Consular &  Community Affairs)  
(For Community Related issues)  
Attaché (Political)  
Attache (Admin)  
ASO (CW & Labour 2)  
ASO (Culture & Education)  
ASO (Consular)  
ASO (Admin)  
ASO (Visa)  
ASO (CW & Labour1)  
JSA (Cons)  
JSA (OCI/Cons)  
JSA (Admin)  
JSA (Labour)  


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