Indian Embassy In Canada


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Indian Embassy Canada

Address: 365 Bloor St E #700, Toronto Ontario, ON M4W 3L4, Canada

Contact Number: (+1) (416) 960 0751 | Helpline No: : (+1) (416) 960 0751

Email Id: | Website:


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Indian Embassy in Canada

Name Address Email Address Website
High Commission of India, Canada – Ottawa 10, Springfield Road, Ontario K1M 1C9, Ottawa, Canada cons.ottawa
Consulate General of India, Canada – Toronto 365 Bloor St E #700, Toronto Ontario, ON M4W 3L4, Canada passport.toronto
Consulate General of India, Canada – Vancouver No. 201-325, Howe Street, 2nd Floor, Vancouver BC, Canada V6C 1Z7 cons2.vancouver


Indian Embassy in Toronto

Address: 365 Bloor St E #700, Toronto Ontario, ON M4W 3L4, Canada

Contact Number: (+1) (416) 960 0751 | Helpline Number: : (+1) (416) 960 0751

Email Id: | Website:


Indian Embassy in Toronto

Consul General
Social Secretary to the Consul General
Consul (Commerce) & HOC
Consul (Press, Information & Community Welfare)
Consul (CPV)
Consul (PCC & Attestation)
Consul (Administration, DDO & Culture)
Vice Consul (PCC)
Vice Consul (PCC)
Vice Consul ( Passport & Attestation) 
Vice Consul ( GA & Protocol)
Vice Consul (Visa)
Vice Consul (Passport)


Indian Embassy in Ottawa

Address: 10, Springfield Road Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1M 1C9

Contact Number: 613 744 3751 | Helpline Number: 613 744 3752

Customer Care: 613 744 3753 | Website:


Indian Embassy In Ottawa Contact Details

Designation Email
High Commissioner
Deputy High Commissioner
Attaché to DHC & DDO
Counsellor (Pol, Com & PIC)
First Secretary (HOC)
First Secretary (Consular)
Second Secretary (Press, Information, Culture, Education, Science & Technology)
Second Secretary (Consular, Passport and Visa)
Attache (Admin)


Indian Embassy in Vancouver

Address: Consulate General of India, #201-325 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, V6C 1Z7

Contact Number: (604) 662-8811

Telephone Number: 604-551-9626   (Strictly for emergencies only)

Helpline Number: : (604) 662-8811 | Website:


Indian Embassy In Vancouver Contact Details:       

Designation E-mail address
Consul General
Consular, Passport, Visa, OCI & Political, Community Affairs
Head of Chancery, Commerce & Culture
Administration & DDO
Visa and Attestation
CG’s Office
Commerce, Education, Culture & Information



Embassy Office Number

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