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Name: Income Tax Office Mumbai

Address:3rd Floor, Earnest House, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021

Contact Number : 022-22014332

Telephone Number :022-22001268

Phone Number : 022- 22080585

Helpline Number : 022 2282 2696

Customer Care Number: 1800 180 1961

Complain Number : 91-80-46605200

Rectification Queries : 1800 103 4455  

Other Phone Number : 022-22017728 , 022-22051453,  022-22054427 ,

022-22120055, 022-22096756 , 022-22034601 , 022-22034601 , 

022-22811769 , 022-22048091




Income Tax e-Filing Telephone  Number :

1800 103 0025  +91-80-46122000 +91-80-26500026

Income Tax Form 16 or Tax Credit (Form 26AS) TDS queries :

1800 103 0344 (or) +91-120-4814600

Form 26AS Email Address :



PAN & TAN Application Queries : +91-20-27218080

Email Address:

Date: Monday to Friday

Time: 10.00 A.m to 7.00 P.m




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Designation Office Tel.No. Officer Room Staff room
CCIT-1 22014332 AB-318 AB-373
CCIT-2 22001268 AB-422 AB-371A
CCIT-3 22080585 AB-351 AB-346
CCIT-4 22017728 AB-306 AB-371-B
CCIT-5 22051453 AB-323 AB-386
CCIT-6 22054427 AB-125 AB-385
CCIT-7 22054427 AB-125 AB-365
CCIT-8 22120055 AB-303 AB-132
CCIT-9 22080585 AB-351 AB-539
CCIT-10 22096756 AB-532 AB-132A
CCIT (C)-I 22034601 AB-108 AB-572
CCIT (C)-II 22034601 AB-108 AB-132A
CCIT (TDS) 22811769 CR-1000A CR
CCIT (IT&TP) WZ 22048091 AIR – 1703 R.No-1618
AIR-17th Floor





Designation Contact No. Office Room Staff room
Pr. CIT-1 22075397 / 22120184 AB-330 AB-387
Pr. CIT-2 22062606 AB-344 AB-384
Pr. CIT-3 22001409 AB-612 AB-667A
Pr. CIT-4 22001292 AB-629 AB-679
Pr. CIT-5 22017289 AB-501 AB-559
Pr. CIT-6 22015670 AB-515 AB-507
Pr. CIT-7 22120191 AB-125 AB-628
Pr. CIT-8 22005619 AB-611 AB-620
Pr. CIT-9 22006746 AB-214 AB-259
Pr. CIT-10 22075529 AB-416 AB-482
Pr. CIT-11 22070655 AB-437 AB-363
Pr. CIT-12 22031036 AB-127 AB-363
Pr. CIT-13 22120226 AB-122 AB-129
Pr. CIT-14 22091860 AB-415 AB-469
Pr. CIT-15 22005642 AB-516 AB-574
Pr. CIT-16 22072770/22120131 AB-364 AB-442
Pr. CIT-17 22121004 AB-109 AB-121
Pr. CIT-19 23855951 MM-228 MM-203
Pr. CIT-20 24117682 PC-418 PC – 4TH Floor
Pr. CIT-22 24100365 PC-409 PC – 4th Floor
Pr. CIT-23 23866039 MM-124 MM – 1st Floor
Pr. CIT-24 24114287 PC-408 PC – 4th Floor
Pr. CIT-25 26570338 BKC BKC / C-10 / 4th Floor
Pr. CIT-26 26572322 BKC BKC / C-11 / 6th Floor
Pr. CIT-27 27812221/ Vashi-401 4th Floor
Pr. CIT-28 27812221 Vashi-301 3rd Floor
Pr. CIT-30 26570002 BKC BKC / C-13 / 4th Floor
Pr. CIT-31 26570000/ 26570001 BKC BKC / C-13 / 3rd Floor
Pr. CIT-32 26570202 BKC BKC / C-11 / 2nd Floor
Pr. CIT-33 26572995 BKC BKC / C-12 / 5th Floor
Pr. CIT-34 26571151 BKC BKC / C-12 / 7th Floor
C-12/ 301A
Pr. CIT (Central )-1 22016205 CGO-1001 CGO-10th Floor
Pr. CIT (Central )-2 22040515/ AIR-1920 AIR-19th Floor
Pr. CIT (Central )-3 22043610 AIR-1901 AIR-19th Floor
Pr. CIT (Central )-4 22002073 AB-663 AB-660
CIT (LTU) 22167152 WTC/29th flr WTC – 29th Flr
CIT (Exemption) 24167883 PC-617 PC – 6th Floor
CIT (TDS)-1 22811955 CR-900 CR – 9th Floor
CIT (TDS)-2 22846564 CR-800 CR – 9th Floor
CIT (Admn & TPS) 22120261 AB-324 AB-373/138
Addl. DGIT (Vig.) 22015839 AB-407 AB-466
CIT (Audit)-1 22016251 AB-301 AB-310
CIT (Audit)-2 22017317 AB-308 AB-655
CIT (Judicial) 22095473 AB-314 AB-371C
Pr. DIT (Inv)-1 AIR-2004 AIR
Pr. DIT (Inv)-2 22046534 AIR-2003 AIR
DIT (I & CI) 22876208 EH-1201 EH-12th Floor
CIT (Member) (AA) 22880204 EH-601 EH-604
CIT (TP)-1 22635451 SH-206 SH-210A
CIT (TP)-2 22020422/ AIR-17 AIR-19
Pr.CIT (TP)-3 22635586 AIR-412 SH-1st Floor
Pr.CIT (TP)-4 22880206 MC-3102 MC-3rd Floor
CIT (IT)-I 22635403 SH-107 SH-1st Floor
CIT (IT)-2 22027605 AIR 1706 AIR-17th Floor
CIT (IT)-3 22027656/ AIR-1601 AIR-16th Floor
CIT (IT)-4 22027657 AIR-1704 AIR-17th Floor
CIT (DRP) 1 (M-1) 22020450 AIR-2012 AIR-20th Floor
CIT (DRP) 1 (M-2) 22048376 Air-2010 AIR-20th Floor
CIT (DRP) 1 (M-3) 22020366 AIR-2003 AIR-20th Floor
CIT (DRP) 2 (M-1) 22020476 AIR-2007 AIR-20th Floor
CIT (DRP) 2 (M-2) 22020473 AIR-2004 AIR-20th Floor
CIT (DRP) 2 (M-3) 22020464 AIR-2021 AIR-20th Floor
CIT (DRP) 3 (M-1) 22045484 AIR-1616 AIR-16th Floor
CIT (DRP) 3 (M-2) 22045351 AIR-1607 AIR-16th Floor
CIT (DRP) 3 (M-3) 22042854 AIR- 1617 AIR-16th Floor
CIT (APA) 22810171 CR-915 CR-913
DIT (DTRTI) 23533248 MHA-320 MLC-305


Income Tax Office

Address: Maharshi Karve Road, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020

Contact Number: 022 2203 9131


Income Tax Mumbai Office

Address: Dr. Usha Mehta Chowk, Mittal Court Wing A, Jamnalal Bajaj Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021

Contact Number: 1800 180 1961


Income Tax Office


Contact Number: 022 2281 2323


Income Tax Office

Address: Dr SS Rao Marg, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012


Income Tax Office

Address: KAUTILYA BHAVAN, near Videsh Bhavan, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051

Contact Number: 1800 180 1961


Income Tax Office

Address: Samantbhai Rathod Road, K K Road, Arya Nagar, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Colony, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400034

Contact Number: 022 2353 8750


Income Tax Department

Address: 3rd Floor, Earnest House, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021

Contact Number: 022 2282 2696


Additional Commissioner Of Income Tax

Address: Aaikar Bhavan, M K Road, Church Gate, Mumbai

Contact Number: 022 2200 1271


Income Tax Office

Address: 107, NCPA Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021


Income Tax Department

Address: No. 201/A, Tardeo Rd, Arya Nagar, Tulsiwadi, Grant Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007


Income Tax Department

Address: Scindia House, 2nd Floor, Room No 234, Ballard Estate, Mumbai, 400001


Income Tax Office

Address: QUERESHI MANSION, Gokhale Rd, Naupada, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400602

Contact Number: 022 2539 9249


Income Tax Department

Address: Matru Mandir Building, 1st & 2nd Floor, Nana Chowk, Bhatia Hospital Lane, Javji Dadaji Marg, Grant Road West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007

Contact Number: 086898 33859


Income Tax Department 

Address: Chamundeshwari Nagar, 4, Chamundeshwari Nagar, Ganesh Murti Nagar, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005



Income Tax Office Mumbai

Income Tax Office Mumbai








Income Tax Kendra Mumbai Road Map



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Income Tax Office Mumbai Address:3rd Floor, Earnest House, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021Contact Number : 022-22014332Telephone Number :022-22001268Phone Number : 022- 22080585Helpline Number : 022 2282 2696Customer Care Number: 1800 180 1961Complain Number : 91-80-46605200Rectification Queries : 1800 103 4455Other Phone Number : 022-22017728 , 022-22051453, 022-22054427 ,022-22120055, 022-22096756 , 022-22034601 , 022-22034601 ,022-22811769 , 022-22048091 , Income Tax Office Mumbai Address, Phone No, Contact Number, Helpline, Timing, Email Id, Customer Care, Enquiry, Status, Website, Refund.