Couple Passport Cover ( Leather )



Information for Couple Passport Cover ( Leather ), It is Made of lather to cater to your passport and other documents,  and your partner using passport holder on both sides easy to slip into your pocket or in your handbag



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A Passport Cover Details

  • available in original leather and Polyurethane (Black / Brown / Tan/ Bright Pink/ Blue/ Green)
  • Contains 2 passport holders.
  • Each passport cover can hold only two passports.
  • Dimensions: 5.5”x 3.8”
  • Name-tag colors are predefined.
  • Make you a couple of passport holders.
  • Synthetic Leather gives a perfect touch to this craft.



Couple Passport Cover

Couple Cover



a couple of Passport Cover prices in India:

Design Material Cover Colour Price ( Rs.)
Standard Polyurethane Black / Brown / Tan/ Bright Pink/ Blue/ Green

Rs. 400


Standard Original Leather Black / Brown / Tan/ Bright Pink/ Blue/ Green

Rs. 500


Premium Original Leather Black / Brown / Tan/ Bright Pink/ Blue/ Green

Rs. 500



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