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Information About  Affidavit for Name Change Details like Full Name, Residential Address Father’s s Name, Mother’s Name, and also others Name Change Details.


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In the court of Ld. 1st Class Judicial Magistrate at ————-.

:  A   F  F   I  D   A   V   I  T :


I ,  ———- , daughter of  ————-, aged about ——- Years, by faith Hindu, by occupation ————-, permanent resident of premises No. ——————————————————————————-. Do hereby solemnly affirm and declare on oath as follows:-


  1. That my Name is ——————— and I am also know and reputed as “————————-” to all and everybody concerned.


  1. That ——————– and —————————- , Is the Same and Identical Person under the fatherhood of same father, namely, —————————, of —————————————————————————, in my Aadhar ID Card and also Voter Card. 


  1. That there is no controversy anywhere or in any manner as regards my name as “——————————————” , or ————————————- .


  1. That the above statement are true to my knowledge and belief.                                                                                                                         




                           Identified By Me






Affidavit for Name Change

Affidavit for Name





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